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Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.

Oncology Checkup

My writing today will be as real as it can get. Just pure emotion. In real time. 9am: Can’t bring myself to wake up and face the day. There is a heaviness of dread. Can’t wait for the ordeal to … Continue reading

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My Hysterectomy gave me a release I never expected

Till age 45 I still felt a vacuum inside and a longing for a child. It’s something I could tell no one. Most of my friends had kids and I felt alienated from them. Even at this late age it … Continue reading

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What it was like growing up in the 70’s and 80’s – corded, rotary and pay phones

To have privacy for my phone calls as a teenager, I had to pull the cord of the only home phone and I couldn’t even shut the door of my room as the cord was thick. You were restricted by … Continue reading

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My Origin Story from the 70’s- thanks to my mum’s meticulous diaries

My mum shared an old diary of hers with me. “All my secrets” she said. She recorded all her purchases and gifts she received since the 1970’s. The first thing that struck me? Wow, the inflation. Cars were a fraction … Continue reading

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My Greatest Worry is that Health Insurance Terms & Premiums Keep Changing

The Insurance companies blame the doctors and even the patients, the doctors point out that insurance companies have high management and sales commission costs too. In the end the patient is the one who suffers, especially if they have a … Continue reading

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My Partner’s Thoughts on Aging

Decided to ask B as well, after sharing my mum’s refreshing optimistic viewpoint in the last post. He’s usually a logical pessimist, while I’m a more emotional anxious person and we don’t always agree, so I was surprised to find … Continue reading

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Horrified by the attack on Salman Rushdie

In my life there are certain events that have shocked me to the core. When I was a kid it was news about Princess Diana’s death (heart wrenching to think of her young boys) and later the assassination of Indira … Continue reading

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