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Fined for Sucking on a Sweet on the MRT

[youtube]IHLE5-2tAXk[/youtube] Just an instance of how enforcement of the law is too stringent and does not look at intent. A bit crazy that you can’t have something if you’re suffering from nausea or a severe sore throat. The main premise … Continue reading

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Train Ride to the Airport

Who knew there was still patches of undeveloped land in Singapore? It’s a good thing and I hope there’s no new construction to take up every last little bit of land. Noticed a man who looked out of place in … Continue reading

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Swiss President on Oliver Fricker’s Sentence

The Swiss President urged Singapore to drop corporal punishment but did not intercede on behalf of Fricker as reported by AFP It is not really surprising as Singapore is Switzerland’s biggest trading partner in South East Asia as reported by … Continue reading

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Singapore MRT: No Feeding Baby on the Train

It’s a hard life for a wee baby in Singapore. If you get hungry and get fed milk on the train, expect to be stopped at mid feed by an MRT official. The whole story seems embarrassing to me and … Continue reading

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Singapore Subway Graffiti: British Lloyd Dane Alexander Wanted

Update: The MRT Staff say they thought the graffiti was an ad (that doesn’t surprise me because it kinda looks like an ad of some sort). As I suspected, the number of security personnel have been increased in response to … Continue reading

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#21. No Chewing Gum Under My Shoe

I used to get chewing gum stuck under my shoes all the time. It was infuriating. I also hated encountering gross wads of gum stuck under movie theatre seats. Since 1992, that problem has vanished. When the infamous chewing gum … Continue reading

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