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10 Things I’m Grateful for & Why Oddly Enough the Cancer Feels like a Blessing

I’m in a bright side of life mood right now & I’ll update this list as I recall more sliver linings. It’s making me see how much everyone cares. My Uncle and Aunt who hardly text or take photos with their … Continue reading

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#4. Mandarin Oranges

I love the slightly sourish sweet taste of these. Mandarin Oranges are a cinch to peel as well, which is great. They are also known as tangerines, which is a subgroup and most commonly available type of mandarin oranges. Here’s … Continue reading

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#2. Blackberries – The Fruit

These are actually black but you can see the deep reddish hues, when you take a really close up shot of the berries. According to this article on UK Food Guide, I never knew that blackberries were the relatives of … Continue reading

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I Need To Eat More Red Grapes

Let me be the first to admit that I am not much of partaker of fruits or vegetables, but in the spirit of detoxing and trying to be a little bit healthier I decided to feature healthy food for a … Continue reading

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