10 Things I’m Grateful for & Why Oddly Enough the Cancer Feels like a Blessing

I’m in a bright side of life mood right now & I’ll update this list as I recall more sliver linings.

  1. It’s making me see how much everyone cares. My Uncle and Aunt who hardly text or take photos with their phones, because it is quite an effort for them, text me now frequently and send me photos and videos of my nieces to cheer me up. Another Aunty stayed with me in hospital every night till the family nicknamed her my night nurse. She hardly got any sleep then. My partner got me through all the scary procedures. He even exposed himself to dangerous X-rays (don’t think the metal apron was much protection as even the radiologist left the room) coming into the procedure room with me because I was afraid.  My Sister, the math wiz, does all the financial transactions insurance claims etc so that its one less worry for me. My mum does everything under the sun, like helping me shower when I was quite immobile. My Cousins, D especially, and two good friends I’ve known for years, always contact me to find out how I’m doing. Surprise visits at the hospital (including cards drawn by the children) that brought smiles to my face when I was so dejected. And my aunts also cook for me and so many people buy me food. The list of loved ones showing care can go on and on.
  2. Forces you to face your mortality and what’s truly important in life. Just helps you zero in.
  3. Makes you appreciate little blessings especially things from nature, like flowers your sister bought to brighten up the home and hospital. That even though you can’t travel right now, you are lucky to have travelled a lot in the past and can relive the memories with the tons of photos you took.
  4. The Nurses who were so patient and kind to me in the hospital and my oncologist’s clinic. Always so cheerful with a smile and words of encouragement. Plus my Doctors who are warm and caring and answer your millions of annoying questions. My oncologist even gave me her mobile numer so I can text her through WhatsApp. My Gynae, who is very sweet, held my hand and calmed me before she performed surgery as I was getting anaesthesia. She’s just wonderful and eased my crippling fears of anaesthesia.
  5. I’ve always been curious about whether my face would look ok with no hair and how my scalp would feel (clean?), in a way I got to experience this. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise as I think I look better with long hair. I would never imagine that I would get used to the light airy feel of just a bit of fuzz on my head (like an orang-utan).
  6. Have always struggled with weight loss but this time the weight just dropped off so easily. And the hospital Nutritionist actually told me not to watch my weight too much and eat what I like. She even suggested milkshakes and ice-cream.
  7. No more gross periods
  8. No need to shave or epilate or wax, with the unwanted hair gone. That kind of hair loss I don’t mind at all and I wish it could be permanent.
  9. That I have health insurance (Medishield Life cover alone is not enough) which I now encourage everyone to take. Such a blessing. Otherwise I would have been bankrupt and seriously distressed.
  10. Feel mentally stronger and secretly proud of myself having procedures I was previously terrified of. There’s a kind of satisfaction that I survived all that trauma.  My friend E prompted this feeling sending me loads of spiritually boosting texts from Australia and always telling me she’s proud of me and how brave I am etc.

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  1. I love this! It’s so cheerful and positive!

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