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CNY2015: Windy But Extremely Hot in Chinatown

Braved the punishing heat in Chinatown to soak in more of the Goat Year festivities. Saw this pretty display of flowery goats in the bazaar amongst other things like vendors calling out for you to buy their candies or groundnuts. … Continue reading

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Wan Tan Mee at Chinatown

My top pick for local noodles is wan tan mee. Even the not so great versions will satisfy me. Had this near the Chee Chong Fun stall at the Chinatown Complex Market. It’s pretty old style. I’m still hankering for … Continue reading

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CNY2013: I Could Not Take the Scorching Heat at Chinatown

The blinding glare of the sun and the heat combined to give me a splitting headache, but the abundance of light made for great photos. I was wondering how the tourists from cold climates could bear this. I must prefer … Continue reading

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CNY 2012: Chinatown Ushers in the Year of the Dragon

If you’re intending to decorate your house for CNY, the Chinatown bazaar seems to have the lowest prices. But I guess for something unique you could go to the other countries in Asia where the festival is celebrated as well, … Continue reading

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