CNY2015: Windy But Extremely Hot in Chinatown

Braved the punishing heat in Chinatown to soak in more of the Goat Year festivities. Saw this pretty display of flowery goats in the bazaar amongst other things like vendors calling out for you to buy their candies or groundnuts.


I only recently learnt that this is the Buddha’s Palm.


Very intense punishing heat in this area of the bazaar behind the temple with no shelter.


Our trail started and ended at the Chinatown Complex.


The tourists and residents soaking in the atmosphere and we were all taking photos.



Finally had lunch back at the Chinatown Complex market. Preferred the wan tan mee I had the last time sold near the famous chee chong fun stall. But since I was craving for wan tan mee I had it from a different stall that was selling roast meats too, but not as satisfying to me. Was in desperate need for a drink by then – heat stroke and parched.


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