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Been Stuck, & About Those Library Books I Need to Return Pronto

The words haven’t been stuck but I’ve been reluctant to share what’s on my mind as it all seems just too self-indulgent or worried my private thoughts may be misconstrued. Now and then I do get depressed and anxious over … Continue reading

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Stuck in a Rut

Some days I’m up and some days I’m down.  Been feeling a bit down lately.  Didn’t help that I was catching a cold too. Some days it feels like I am wasting time writing my blog and I am starting … Continue reading

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Now I’m Afraid to Take the Train

I spoke too soon. I was just praising our train system. Well it’s still great, except for issues like what just happened. You see I am extremely claustrophobic, so that’s the reason why a delay like this scares the heck … Continue reading

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