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Clearer Information About the Singapore Haze

Our National Environmental Agency’s (NEA) website is improving. A lot more details about the haze including maps that give us a clearer picture of the situation. Source: NEA Source: NEA And do check out the detailed advisory from the Ministry … Continue reading

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Kirsten Han’s List of 7 Unintentionally Funny Singapore Videos

Kirsten Han has brilliantly written about 7 Singaporean videos which are all unintentionally awkward and comical. Check out Kirsten’s full post at SEA Youth Say So, a wonderful new website by young writers in the region. This one of Ris … Continue reading

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I Never Knew Websites Were Banned in Singapore

Call me an ignoramous. Go ahead. I feel quite ignorant and positively dumb, after just discovering this today. I didn’t know certain websites were banned in Singapore, till I came across this article on Yahoo Singapore which talks about the … Continue reading

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We Like SG

We Like SG, is a cool micro website where you can input what you like about this tiny island called Singapore.(you can read more about it here), mimicking Facebook’s like function, where you can write what you like about Singapore.   … Continue reading

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