Clearer Information About the Singapore Haze

Our National Environmental Agency’s (NEA) website is improving. A lot more details about the haze including maps that give us a clearer picture of the situation.

Regional Haze Map
Source: NEA

Next 24 Hour Forecast
Source: NEA

And do check out the detailed advisory from the Ministry of Health. I’ve learnt that the N95 mask is not for everyone. Basically if you feel uncomfortable and have difficulty breathing you shouldn’t use it (especially for heart of lung disease patients). You should then just remain indoors preferably with an air purifier.

I was also curious about historical PSI readings and what used to be normal for us (readings around 20 and below for both PSI and PM2.5). Those glorious blue sky days. So against that the current conditions even though and improvement are still not great. I feel my throat still highly irritated and it feels a bit like suffering with second hand smoke in a bar (smoky noisy bars – not my thing).

I feel sorry for tourists who have prepaid their air tickets for a trip here. Hope they find some indoor activities but since Singapore is full of awesome malls I guess that shouldn’t be a problem. I would suggest Marina Bay Sands, Somerset 313 and ION which are connected underground to the MRT and have a number of shops.

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