#6. Soya Bean Curd

I could have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If there was a diet that called for only bean curd, I could do it.  Bean curd is a great source of protein and I ever go vegetarian this would be my go to food.

You can ask for less sugar with your ‘Tau Huay’ if you want a healthier version.  Or no sugar at all, but I think I need at least some sugar.

photo by bookjunkie

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8 Responses to #6. Soya Bean Curd

  1. Is this tofu with added sugar? I don’t think I have seen this in the states.

    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah you can only find this in Asia 🙂 and I just love it. It’s sily in texture unlike tofu which comes in harder cubes and is fried and eaten with rice. They are both made from soya bean. Tau Huay is eaten as a dessert.

      • I wonder if I can “make” it from silken tofu and honey…I will have to look for a recipe now…unless you know of one 🙂

      • LL says:

        It’s in most of the asian markets in the states. Popular franchises in large cities like LA or San Diego include 99 Ranch Market and maybe Seafood City.

        My parents love it. I don’t really care for it that much. It also depends on the brand. Some taste better than others. I like the ones with a sweetened ginger taste. I guess it takes awhile to get used to.

        • bookjunkie says:

          In Singapore some places don’t make it very well and especially those made at the chain store type places taste medicinal to me. I love the ones at the old fashioned markets best.

  2. btlau says:

    a continual tofu diet? No way, you’ll always be hungry, because you can’t chock on tofu, therefore you can’t be full from it, hohoho

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