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Psoriosis is Consuming Me

I know it’s tiresome to keep reading about this, but it is the bane of my existence right now. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Why? Well, after the bleeding incident, I tried not to touch my scalp psoriosis scales … Continue reading

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Psoriosis Update: December 2022

Blood under my nails from half consciously peeling at my psoriosis plagued skin all night. Mostly my scalp and to my horror I feel a bald spot now. I’m doing this to myself and against my will. My only goal … Continue reading

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It’s So Easy to Fall Out of a Routine of Good Habits

I fell out of my routine since my last holiday. You see, my routine was very much a forced thing. I was waking up pre dawn, as early as 4.30am, even though I’m naturally a night owl, and going to … Continue reading

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Psoriosis November Update

It just keeps getting worse. Red rashes on my knees seem to have appeared overnight and I have red rashes all over my operation scars now. Encroaching onto my face too at the hairline and one on my forehead which … Continue reading

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Thankful for My Anxiety for One Reason

I never ever thought I’d actually be thankful for my anxiety. But there’s one reason. It confirms that I’m not a psychopath. If you can’t tell, I’ve been watching a lot of true crime. I’m fascinated by what would prompt … Continue reading

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Been Almost 7 Years Since that Cancer Diagnosis in 2016

My oncologist is so pleased every time I get a good tumour marker reading. She always tells me well done, although I honestly feel like I’ve done nothing. I just lay there. Everyone else did everything. Well I did try … Continue reading

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Confused & Conflicted (Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder)

I don’t feel old, but I feel old in comparison to those under 30 especially. Grateful to learn from them as they introduce me to a new world. New terms and new ways of looking at the world. A kind … Continue reading

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Curious about Natural Menopause

I wonder when I would have actually had menopause if not for the surgical one at 45. My friend at 52 hasn’t reached menopause yet. And my mum thinks she had menopause in her mid fifties. Honestly I feel robbed … Continue reading

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Have Not Been Writing

I don’t feel an urge to write when I feel I can’t be completely honest. It’s like – what’s the point? In my entire life I have never lied other than doing it to spare someone’s feelings. Like an insecure … Continue reading

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Thinking of My Uncle A Today & Wishing him All the Joy in the World

He looks way younger than his years and I have always admired how he works hard at being active. He has always been adventurous in his youth so perhaps it’s no surprise that he still has the stamina. He has … Continue reading

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Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce

I have been obsessed by this song from 1973 lately. It has the perfect haunting melody, and most poignantly beautiful lyrics. Poetry in fact. In my opinion, pure genious. I feel every single word and you will too, if you … Continue reading

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What I Dreamt

It was very vivid. I was desperately trying to text my dad. I wanted to text him that I miss him so much, because he’s been away for two weeks and also that I love him so much. The desperation … Continue reading

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#17. Simple Joys: Meeting My Partner For Lunch

He’s usually not free due to various meetings. It was nice to chat non stop.

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#16. Simple Joys: Reading Books with Kids

Reading books with the best kids. Books they actually enjoy. I get so much out of it and their comments and things they observe are so interesting. I appreciate good illustrations as well. Children’s books are very therapeutic and calming … Continue reading

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Tasmania Trip 2019 Day 5: 4th February – Kelvedon Beach

Tasmania has some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.

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Tasmania Trip 2019 Day 5: 4th February – Beauty of Nature at Mount Wellington & an Amazing Brunch

I’m blogging about a trip that took place before the pandemic for three reasons. 1. To re-live the beautiful experience, and 2. perhaps someone out there may find the information useful if they are lost on which state in Australia … Continue reading

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Psoriosis October Update

It’s getting worse. I’m trying the steroid in lower doses as my lips starting cracking too much and I broke out around my chin earlier. Think the steroids went into my blood stream and I tend to be very sensitive … Continue reading

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Samy’s Curry at Dempsey has Been Renovated & We had a Good Lunch There

Went by for lunch. It was packed and there was a queue as we left. This is quite the institution for Singaporean style South Indian curry on a banana leaf. I truly love the cabbage dhal, fish curry and Mysore … Continue reading

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Tasmania Trip 2019 Day 4: Dinner at the Drunken Admiral

My sister chose the place in Hobart, and food was delicious. Saw this poster while walking around before dinner as we were early.

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#7. Letter to My Papa

Papa, I’m glad you’ll never go through the hardships of aging, but I still very often think of how much better my life would be if you hadn’t been taken so early. I don’t think I would have cancer or … Continue reading

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Why Do People in Singapore Boast So Much? I Want to See the Good Ones Win for a Change

Office folk seem to be taking to cafes to conduct job interviews and they talk at the top of their lungs. It’s annoying as covid cases rise and no one wears masks. I dread it when they plop down next … Continue reading

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#15. Simple Joys: Seeing Deepavali Decor in the train

Just seeing your upcoming festival being recognised was nice.

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