Marilyn Monroe would have been 84 years old

Marilyn Monroe, if she had lived, would have been 84 yesterday,  the 1st of June 2010. I have admired her since I was about 11, and strangely enough, I first knew of her from a morbid but fascinating documentary about the mystery of her death.

I think today’s female celebrities, when placed next to her, pale in comparison. Most of them also look like stick figures next to this real woman. This vivacious doll had a spirit that could not be contained.

In tribute to her, I decided to post some rare pictures of Norma Jean which I found on Google. Well rare to me at least.

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3 Responses to Marilyn Monroe would have been 84 years old

  1. These are such beautiful pictures of her and I’ve never seen them before either – a double treat. I agree with you…no one can hold a candle to her now. Most of them are so silly.

  2. thank you for sharing! such vibrant images of an unforgettable woman…

  3. bookjunkie says:

    Glad you haven’t seen them before too LD…. she has this etheral quality about her that transcends time.

    Vetti…I just love the joy that translated in the photos especially the one of her jumping in the air at the beach.

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