Kim Kardashian is Tone Deaf & Offensive on Variety Magazine

I was deeply offended hearing Kim Kardashian insult ordinary folk and the less privileged in a video posted by Variety. She rudely said “Get your f***g ass up and work!

Screenshot of Video from Variety

I was glad to hear the voice of reason of Trevor Noah on the Daily Show. Of course she is successful due to being well connected. You can’t hide the fact that luck or luck of birth is a huge factor.

But perhaps this is her way to get more publicity. I felt compelled to share my view though as I think this is distasteful & truly an insult to the hardworking people out there who struggle daily.

Having said that I don’t dislike her as she has changed our concepts of beauty and broadened it. And I feel for anyone who has lost their parent.

But apart from that there are a lot of things I don’t agree with. As Trevor pointed out, did she forget that fame helped? The famous lawyer father, a famous Olympian stepfather and being rich in the first place. Having a team of stylists housekeepers, cooks, fitness instructors and nannies? Ordinary people don’t have that so it’s an unfair sweeping statement to declare that people don’t want to work. And also I’m against this glorification of work and that people don’t have any value otherwise.

The fact that I’m compelled to talk about her might be part of her trick to create controversy and even bad publicity is great publicity in today’s world where everyone courts fame.

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