Wishes of a Corporate Drone (With an Attitude) (via Living Dilbert)

I am like a kid in a Candy store with the new WordPress re-blogging tool. Living Dilbert has penned down all my fantasies and I am sure millions of poor, suffering worker bees facing cruel injustices on a daily basis, can commiserate. I hope she gets out of her hellhole soon.

Wishes of a Corporate Drone (With an Attitude) Let's pretend – what would you wish for (work-related) if you had 10 wishes?  Me…for right now? 1 – Having a job that I am excited about when I wake up in the mornings.  2 – Having Bad Boss ask me one of his fake, "How are you?" questions and I smile and slap the living hell out of him and say, "Better now." 3 – Walking out of current job on a payday and not coming back, ever. 4 – Going on vacation soon and never coming back, ever. 5 – Never se … Read More

via Living Dilbert

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