Eveline Tarunadjaja at Melbourne Central (via Vetti: Live in Northcote)

Vetti is a WordPress blogger I have an affinity with. We are both part of the old Ceylon diaspora. She’s in Melbourne; I’m in Singapore. I chanced upon her blog through WordPress.

Vetti this post is to say, thanks for introducing me to the incredible Indonesian artist illustrator Evelyn Tarunadjaja. I just had to share this post with more people like me who have not been introduced to her art. I also wanted bloggers to get a glimpse of where you live -surrounded by art, including your posts on graffiti that somehow look pretty.

I googled the word diaspora to see if I had spelt it right and found something really interesting. The word originates from Greek and it means “a scattering [of seeds]”. What a beautiful image that conjours. It refers to the movement of a population sharing common national or ethnic identity.

eveline tarunadjaja at melbourne central Eveline aka lovexevol is an Indonesian artist, now living in Melbourne. She has work installed at Melbourne Central, which I visited today. Sadly, I missed her show at No Vacancy Gallery, perhaps I’ll swing by her Facebook page instead… … Read More

via Vetti: Live in Northcote

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