Diesel’s Stupid Campaign is Pretty Smart

I just adore innovative, imaginative ad campaigns and this is one of them. As a fan of the show, Mad Men, centered on the inner workings of an ad agency in the 50’s, I love seeing the conceptualization of  clever ads.  Makes me realise, most of the time you’re buying the lifestyle or the dream more than the product itself.  That’s also why we buy things we don’t need.  To fill that imaginary gap in our lives that ad people try to make us think is there.

If you like them you can see the rest of the cheeky ads at the Diesal website. The clothing line certainly got the attention of their target audience the way the YouTube old spice campaign did. The attitude is bold, but I just hope it doesn’t encourage dangerous behaviour. I won’t be surprised if there are some truly ditsy teens who don’t see the ads for what they are and attempt crazy stunts. For them the ads should come with a warning – don’t try this ever, unless you want to risk injury!

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