Fearful Flyers: What Not To Worry About. (via JetHead’s Blog)

If you have a fear of flying like I do, reading the following post by pilot JetHead might help. I used to be excited to fly as a child, because then I was not filled with fearful information like news about airplanes problems and crashes. I had not truly experienced turbulence then. Chris writes that turbulence is not as bad as driving your car over a railway track. A jet is built to withstand a lot more. That analogy helps.

He also advices that you can have some control by choosing the major airlines which have better quality control, and this I intend to do. So it’s true that nothing comes for free. So as I always thought, when you take a cheaper carrier you are also increasing your risk which I don’t want to do, since I’m already freaked out by flying. If I have to save cost on flying I’d rather not fly at all.

Fearful Flyers: What Not To Worry About. Didn't help much when you were a kid, at night, scared, and your mom said, "There's no monster–go to sleep," did it? Because fear doesn't respond well to "shut up." So rather than dismissing the fears of white-knuckle flyers by saying, "There's nothing to worry about," I've taken to asking those fearful passengers, "What is it that worries you about flying?" That way we can actually examine their area of concern and shed a little light in their … Read More

via JetHead's Blog

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  1. I love this guys whole site. I actually read this post yesterday and thought it was brilliant! Good idea to re-post!

    • bookjunkie says:

      I so needed this post and I thought many other like me might benefit. Anything to allay the fears and it’s even better when it comes from a professional who flies every day.

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