The Kindness of Blood Oranges

photo by bookjunkie

There are some people out there who are so naturally full of kindness that being with them changes your entire mood and being. These selfless individuals also tend to have a positive energy about them. They are living proof that happiness is contagious. I can be down in the dumps, but just a moment with them and my mood is elevated. On days like these I just feel super lucky to be blessed with these angels. You can tell how great they are by how they treat everyone around them.

My dear friend brought me blood oranges last night, just because she found out that I have never had them. She’s a very busy mum of two small boys, but she took time out just to bring me the thoughtful gift. And she never expects any thanks and always brushes it off like it’s no trouble at all.

You know the friends you haven’t seen for ages, sometimes even a year can go by, but still that strong connection remains like time itself has stood still? I have a few true friends whom I completely don’t deserve. Often they are the ones making all the effort to stay in touch while I wallow in myself and absent-mindedly allow them to drift away. Magically they have still stuck by me and this time I hope I will be more mindful.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

Getting back to the blood oranges. This was my first experience with them besides blood orange tea which I had at the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore. I was quite surprised when I cut the fruit and a blood like juice dripped out. I thought that was so cool! The fruit is wonderfully sweet and tangy. The ones gifted to me are grown on volcanic soil in Italy, along the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, to be specific. I googled it and found out that these are a favorite among chefs and have higher than normal vitamin C content as well as a powerful antioxidant. So they taste divine and are good for you too. This is gonna be my new favorite fruit.

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