Adam Ant and Getting Old

It’s sad to see people who used to be at the top of their game fall. I actually feel down reading about aging stars. Perhaps because it reflects on my own decrepitude. This feeling was sparked when I read that 55-year-old Adam Ant has been hospitalized for mental illness. In the first place it’s mind-blowing that he’s 55!

I decided to check out some of his old videos and couldn’t help but wonder if Johnny Depp subconsciously got a bit of inspiration for his pirates of the Caribbean character from this original British punk rocker. I also thought that Adam Ant looks like a Billy Crystal twin, but with more chiseled features. He was just so good-looking, don’t you think? Since I’m reminiscing about the good old 80’s and early 90’s here’s a video, from the era.


Ah those huge shoulder pads were big then. When did music videos stop being this fun?

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2 Responses to Adam Ant and Getting Old

  1. I remember reading somewhere that Johny Depp got his Pirate’s of the Caribbean inspiration from a drunk rockstar. Wish I could remember which one. Keep up the happy blogging. 🙂


  2. bookjunkie says:

    Thank you!!

    It slipped my mind too Julie. But with the help of google here it is:

    Depp claims his inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow came from mixing Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards and the cartoon skunk, Pepe Le Pew.

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