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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Back to The Coffee Daily for Rainbow cake. I’ve always found the song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ to be very sad. I associate it with losing someone but perhaps there is a bright side and you can find them at … Continue reading

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Awesome Singaporean Lady who Tasted Hail

The 44 year old Singaporean lady who tasted the hail, totally made my day. She’s truly the bright spark amidst this haze crisis. Something infectious about her enthusiasm. Hope she becomes famous and gets advertising endorsements. Children don’t try this … Continue reading

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Dumb Ways to Die

My cousin sent me this and I had to share. She keeps me current. This Cannes award winning train safety ad produced in Melbourne is the most cute morbid thing I’ve seen yet. I don’t like violence, fast forwarding through … Continue reading

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Full Lyrics: It’s a Beautiful Day

I find the graphics of the official lyric video so cute. I find this song so empowering and the melody is just so upbeat. Love it. Seriously can’t wait for the new album and the next official music video. Michael … Continue reading

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I Have to Agree with Anthony Bourdain about Apolo’s Fishhead Curry

The Banana Leaf Apolo’s fish head curry, is a tangy spicy dish that will truly satisfy. I feel that I had to rectify that I had only tried this perhaps one or two times and since this place is so … Continue reading

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National Night

A witty satirical music video by Mentos which makes fun of our government’s anxiety that Singaporeans are not producing enough babies. To me it also might be poking fun at sexist rap videos (I take it that way or some … Continue reading

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10 Awesome Singlish Words & My Clumsy Attempt at Explaining them all

I often think that it would be hard to express myself without a single word of Singlish. When I try to speak ‘proper English’ and replace those words, somehow, the precise meaning is lost. Also the whole situation becomes more … Continue reading

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