#32. Art on Letter Boxes

photo by bookjunkie

Spotted this letter box along orchard road.  How I love art, brightening up our streets. It reminds me that I should send a long letter one day.  It used to be with joy that I received airmail from my good friend, when she was studying in Australia.

When I was about fourteen, I used to correspond with a very sweet Italian girl, who was my random pen-pal friend.  Those were lovely days before email. And what snail mail I say, it was just a good solid letter.  Those were so much more personal because they took time to write and somehow the penmanship translated the emotion.  I even got little presents in my mail like bookmarks, photographs, and old stamps.  Hey email – let’s see you beat that!

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  1. Artswebshow says:

    I’m allfor us brightening up our streets with art.
    It simply makes life more interesting

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