It’s So Easy to Fall Out of a Routine of Good Habits

I fell out of my routine since my last holiday. You see, my routine was very much a forced thing. I was waking up pre dawn, as early as 4.30am, even though I’m naturally a night owl, and going to bed really early at 9pm. I did it to clear my head and toxins out of my body with an early morning walk before all the speeding cars were out with the morning rush hour. It was a necessity for me during lockdown to stay sane. That was the compelling reason for me.

During the holiday to Australia, I let all discipline go and allowed myself to eat anything I want. The rational being, I may hardly get to travel here again, so live it up.

This was how the intermittent fasting part of my routine was gone too. I’m easily tempted, so when my sister ordered pizza at 9pm I could not….not eat it, even though I had zero hunger. My body felt terrible though. Resisting food is like torture to me especially when it’s right in front of me and I can smell it. My partner is able to though. I don’t even know how? His levels of discipline is out of this world.

These days with the Psoriosis, I’m waking up at an embarrassingly late hour. I’m up all night scratching, but to be fair it’s more because I’m going to bed far later too, thanks to my enticing iPhone apps like Tik Tok and Netflix being so alluring. But on the bright side I am escaping reality and relaxing for those moments in time.

I let my blogging routine go too. But one thing I didn’t let go of is playing the piano for 15 minutes a day when I get a chance. I’m attempting to memorise ‘Time in a Bottle’ and part of it is in the muscle memory of my hands now. That made me really happy because at least I made some progress.

Even if I’m failing at all other aspects of life. Yes I know I shouldn’t speak to myself this way. My sweet nieces would be very upset to hear it and they are wise beyond their years and very encouraging, so I always strive to be better for them.

There’s a fourteen year old who is very special to me too and I’ve seen him grow up since he was a cute chubby baby.

Always wishing the best for the children in my life. They are all blessings to me and I’m forever thankful to be called Aunty Shanti. I’m grateful that a teenager still wants to talk to this old aunty? I learn so many cool things from them. They keep me current and in touch with this new generation for sure.

Anyway age is truly a number and even if you’re in your nineties you can be the coolest. You just must be willing to always learn I guess and be open to new things. At the same time, you have all these invaluable experiences from the past that just can’t be recaptured.

For instance, like having no devices including no fridges, so that marketing was done daily and all your meals were cooked fresh. I love listening to stories of real life from the past. Imagine if I never got the chance to hear these stories. My life would definitely be flatter and dull. Stories adds dimension to our lives. It’s why TV and movies are so captivating. I mean the good ones, the ones considered art.

I have digressed as usual, but what I love the most about my routine is a chance to be with people I adore. I may not have many friends, but I am glad to have my people. The people I can be my real self with. I can feel relaxed and happy with. In real life and otherwise.

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2 Responses to It’s So Easy to Fall Out of a Routine of Good Habits

  1. Shanti, I’m glad I finally did find this blog of yours. You talk about a lot of things that I can relate to. I just love, getting up early, especially in summer. Often I go to bed very early. But it can happen then, that I stay up for one or two hours in the middle of the night! But usually I go straight back to sleep after having been to the toilet during the night. What are your partner’s sleeping patterns? Does he like getting up early?
    Maybe, try to drink a lot of water, Shanti. When nothing special is happening, maybe you can forget about food when it is getting late. If your partner does not entice you to eat late in the evening, maybe you don’t have to eat anything either, except perhaps a minty or something like this? 🙂
    I reckon to drink a lot of water is important! I drink a lot of herbal teas as well.
    Thanks for reading my recent post and commenting on it. 🙂
    Enjoy life as much as possible and stay safe, dear Shanti. Maybe one day you can come for another visit to Australia! It’s really not very far away from Singapore, is it? I’m going to see some of my great-grandkids on Christmas Eve. I’m looking forward to this! 🙂
    HUGS, Aunty Uta ❤

    • bookjunkie says:

      Cheered me up so much to see your comment Aunty Uta. Your blog provides me so much insight that I’m glad you find some value in mine too. The advice about taking in more fluids like water and tea sound good. I try to keep a bottle by me at all times these days. But I know even then I tend not to drink enough. I am eager for another trip to beautiful Australia one day. Blogging about my past trips makes me more grateful that I actually got to do it. The remembering is sweet.

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