SMRT trains are not packed, according to it’s CEO (via Want some tau huay?)

I am so infuriated after reading quotes by the SMRT CEO, that I am left speechless. Arrogance and lack of compassion, infuriates me to the extreme. If you want a kinder society and more productive work environments you have to start at the top. I feel for all the poor people taking the trains during the rush hour crush. I fear firstly for their safety and next for the crush they have to endure every day. I am sure some people miss their trains and are late for work as a result. I think it should be made mandatory that the CEO takes the train at rush hour every day, then perhaps more care and thought would be given to the passengers taking the public transport that they pay for. Blogger Tau Huay Boy says it best and I just had to reblog his post. Meanwhile I have not forgotten about poor Oliver Fricker and wonder how he is doing. It must be really hard to be alone in prison in a foreign land. I am sure there are a lot of SIngaporeans sending him kind thoughts.

SMRT trains are not packed, according to it's CEO “People can board the trains – it is whether they choose to.” Perhaps after looking at the picture below, one wonders what SMRT's CEO Saw Phaik Hwa was thinking when she made the above statement. Ms Saw was responding to questions about crowded trains, in a Sunday Times' article, which I strangely can't find online, but I found a scre … Read More

via Want some tau huay?

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