Entertainment News is Ugly Today with Mel Gibson

I used to like Mel Gibson when he was just a good actor with a comedic touch and loyally married to his wife for 27 years. All that has changed. He has left his wife and is now abusing his new Russian girlfriend who had his baby. Mel’s latest tirade, where he hits his wife while she is carrying their baby, has made me think he’s the scariest, meanest person around. He was abusive towards his wife and he secretly taped him, which was very dangerous and brave of her. It got me thinking of all the mean people who are actually cowards and will only be abusive to someone when they are sure no one is watching. On top of it all he has absolutely no remorse!

I personally know of someone who was abused at work but was treated with fake kindness when the higher ups were around. Once the bigger bosses were not in sight, the abuse continued. I feel like justice is served when the victim is vindicated. You can hear the abusive tirade and the horrer at D-Listed.

A list of terrible quotes from Mel Gibson at Gawker that will have you convinced, if you not already are. I like to give the benefit of the doubt in most cases, but for me this has gone way too far.

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