UFO Spotted in China

This is both scary and thrilling at the same time.  Alien visitors in my lifetime? – who would have thought?  Hope they are friendly.  Anyway it hasn’t come to that yet, but the UFO spotting caused the Chinese airport in Hangzhou to shut down for an hour.  All I can say is from that picture, it truly looks like an alien spaceship to me.  Read more at the Vancouver Sun.

On 9 December 2009 an identified object was spotted in Norway as well. See the spooky video on MSN.

I must be really bored because this kind of news excites me. As I said, it will take an alien invasion for human beings to realize we are all the same, and part of the human race. Racial classifications will then seem silly.

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  1. 365days2play says:

    I won’t be surprised if there really are. Who’s to say we are the only ones in the universe. But….why must these foreign beings always be flying objects?

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