Revolted by the Article in Our Newspapers about Hitting Children

This article truly triggered me. It presents the findings of a survey that shows 40% of parents use corporal punishment. It doesn’t take any stand against it. It even seems to be excusing it.

The study found that younger children are more vulnerable to physical discipline, with 40.6 per cent of parents of pre-schoolers found to be most likely to use the method.

Straits Times

Reading the above makes me incensed. I knew it was happening, but to see the cold hard statistics was very hard.

I will never waiver from the stand that hitting is barbaric and should be illegal.

Evidence shows corporal punishment increases children’s behavioural problems over time and has no positive outcomes.

All corporal punishment, however mild or light, carries an inbuilt risk of escalation. Studies suggest that parents who used corporal punishment are at heightened risk of perpetrating severe maltreatment.

Corporal punishment is linked to a range of negative outcomes for children across countries and cultures, including physical and mental ill-health, impaired cognitive and socio-emotional development, poor educational outcomes, increased aggression and perpetration of violence.

Source: WHO

I promised myself when I was a kid, that when I grow up, I will always protect children and if I don’t put my voice out there, I am letting my past self, and all children, down.

If you hit an adult, you will be charged with assault. It’s totally mind boggling that it does not apply to an adult hitting a child. The same laws should apply for all humans. I thought we progressed with time?

And birthing a child doesn’t mean they belong to you. That mindset should be thrown out. They are an individual in their own right.

It’s even worse to subject a child who is vulnerable and obviously smaller than an adult to this barbarism. There is a sadistic element and a loss of control of emotions and it’s lazy. No one can convince me that it’s not abuse.

When someone says, but I was hit and I turned out fine. Really, I want to say. You really think that?

You’re basically teaching the kid to bully. That it’s ok to hit someone less physically powerful. In the long term this translates to bullying other kids in school, and bullying in the office. Ultimately it’s a political leader waging war and killing millions. I’m simplifying it all, but I see that trajectory of abuse of power, and just pure violence.

I have seen children grow up to resent their parents and the relationship is often severed. It does not surprise me in the least and it’s basically karma.

I may not have birthed kids, but I know what it is like to be a defenseless child. To loose your dignity and have long term psychological damage.

I am ashamed that not more is done to protect the most vulnerable. I can’t believe that it’s 2022 and nothing much has been done. I’m seething as I write this.

China has made a bold and right step in this regard. Hope they do better in enforcing the laws. But then, why can’t we?

Higher powers that be (I’m calling out to all that’s good in this universe) please protect the most vulnerable. I implore you. It’s imperative for a more humane society. When ethics are in question you can’t go with what the majority think.

On the other hand I’m highly impressed by thoughtful parents who take the time and effort to explain things to kids. It’s the harder way, but definitely superior. I’ve seen these kids turn out to be well adjusted lovely young people with kindness and compassion towards others.

And if you don’t truly love children, but see them as an accessory like a car or a condo, a possession you own, then do the poor child and the world a favour – don’t have them. Because children are a blessing and you don’t deserve them.

I’ll leave you with more information on research by the WHO, because if my impassioned plea doesn’t impress you, evidence might :

A large body of research shows links between corporal punishment and a wide range of negative outcomes, both immediate and long-term:

  • direct physical harm, sometimes resulting in severe damage, long-term disability or death;
  • mental ill-health, including behavioural and anxiety disorders, depression, hopelessness, low self-esteem, self-harm and suicide attempts, alcohol and drug dependency, hostility and emotional instability, which continue into adulthood;
  • impaired cognitive and socio-emotional development, specifically emotion regulation and conflict solving skills;
  • damage to education, including school dropout and lower academic and occupational success;
  • poor moral internalization and increased antisocial behaviour;
  • increased aggression in children;
  • adult perpetration of violent, antisocial and criminal behaviour;
  • indirect physical harm due to overloaded biological systems, including developing cancer, alcohol-related problems, migraine, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and obesity that continue into adulthood;
  • increased acceptance and use of other forms of violence; and
  • damaged family relationships

Best countries for child rights. I’m not surprised to see Nordic countries top the list.

Tomorrow is Children’s Day in Singapore. Let us do something much meaningful than just giving them a school holiday.

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  1. The whole community should help in parenting! It can be very stressfull for a single parent if this parent is not supported in a meaningful way.

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