Another Tree Fell in Singapore – Motorcyclist Hurt

The Straits Times has actually put up a flood alert. And I was just joking about it flooding, earlier.

It also earlier reported that the falling trees are due to the weather and not because they are poorly rooted.

‘There was no trend in the species, the size, nor the location of these recent cases, and it really boils down to the individual circumstances like wind and rain,’ said Mr Longman, who added that the recent severe weather conditions have made NParks’ work particularly challenging.

‘For the tree that fell in Yio Chu Kang, it had a well-formed root system and yet was completely uprooted by the microburst.’ Thunderstorms and microbursts, which are powerful gusts of air, contributed to 240 incidents of fallen trees or branches in June alone.

It makes you quite worried to be out on the road. It’s like a tree could fall on you at any moment.

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