Sweet Rumour About a Smaller Baby iPad or iPad Nano

I hope the rumour is true. Since the ipad is a basically a bigger version of the iTouch, I think Apple should come up with an in between size. I find the iTouch too small (3.5 inches diagonal size) and the iPad too big (9.7 inches diagonally) for carrying around, but great for typing on the touch screen keyboard. I think the iPad is best used for surfing the net on the go and for that you need 3G.

The rumour has been spread by Taiwanese manufacturers who are reportedly making smaller components for the new 5 to 7 inch ipad which is smaller than the current 9.7 inch original. That would be so great because right now the only qualm I have with the iPad is that it is a tad too heavy and big for my smallish hands or handbag. An even slimmer and cheaper device would be so great. The rumour mills say the new baby ipad, ipad nano or whatever they call it, will be out for Christmas.

If this turns out to be a false rumour I will be so disappointed. I am sure in the future the device will naturally get smaller and lighter, but how long do we have to wait. It would be brilliant if a camera was added to the device. Imagine it – that way it would be even easier to blog your photos.

Here are 2 cool iPad images from the lovely website ‘We Heart It’.

{Image: We Heart It}

{Image: We Heart It}

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  1. I heard the rumor too! I think the current ipad is too big to carry around. It’s almost the size of my macbook. The small one would be really cute…

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