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Apple Store: Second Time’s a Charm

All’s well that ends well, for B. We both had the professional service Apple is known for at the MBS outlet. Should have come here in the first place. We were attended to by a cheerful tall guy of Malay … Continue reading

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Clueless about Cloud Storage. Please Help?

This is something critical I need to do, so how better to get it in the forefront of my mind then to write about it. But on this matter I tend to procrastinate even though it’s so important to me. … Continue reading

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The Revolutionary 1984 Mac Ad

I may have seen this as a kid and most likely didn’t understand it. But it sure is amazing to watch decades later. If something can stand the test of time then it must really be great. What were your … Continue reading

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Simi: Ah Beng version of iPhone 4S’ Siri

The mrbrown show is cracking me up again. I think mrbrown is Singapore’s comic genious. You just have to listen to the Ah Beng, Singlish version of Apple iPhone 4S’s Siri which he has called Simi. What a hoot if … Continue reading

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Co-Founder of Apple Steve Woz Talks about his Friend Steve Jobs

Sorry for the millions of posts I am writing about Steve Jobs but I think I am not alone in my obsession and admiration. I have been having an insatiable appetite to find out all about Steve and it just … Continue reading

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Utterly Shocked & Incredibly Saddened by the Death of Steve Jobs

We all knew Steve Jobs was ill, but to still hear it, the news that the man behind Apple is no more, is still shocking. I think me and the rest of the world have been in denial since we … Continue reading

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The iPad2 & the Coolest Ever Magnetic Cover: A Very Frail Steve Jobs Introduces New iPad to Standing Ovation

I am always so impressed by Steve Jobs’ presentations.  He is quite an inspiration. Was hoping the new iPad would be smaller, but at least it’s thinner and lighter. Steve Jobs demonstrates how it’s thinner than the iPhone, so that’s … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Launches New Nano and iTouch

The tiny square nano with the full touch screen looks cute.  I somehow wish they would have come in a non-metallic version as I think those scratch easily and are not as pretty has their original white material that the … Continue reading

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Sweet Rumour About a Smaller Baby iPad or iPad Nano

I hope the rumour is true. Since the ipad is a basically a bigger version of the iTouch, I think Apple should come up with an in between size. I find the iTouch too small (3.5 inches diagonal size) and … Continue reading

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Boys and Their Toys: The iPad Frenzy in Singapore

The apple authorized dealer at Parkway Parade told us told us there were people queuing outside the store since 7am.  The store only opened at 10am!  I think it’s crazy and it’s something I wouldn’t do. I’m not patient enough … Continue reading

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100 things you didn’t know about Apple and Steve Jobs (via teqnolog)

This was a great post as most 100 things lists can’t hold my attention, but this one did. Another thing I didn’t know about Steve Jobs till recently was that he was extremely handsome when he was younger! He looked … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs is Gonna Chew Some People Up After the iPhone 4 Demo Fail

This is a problem most iPhone users encounter from time to time. Not being able to get onto the wi-fi network because it’s overloaded with too many users. At the latest iPhone launch today, as a result of all the … Continue reading

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