Japanese Burgers vs American Burgers

Plain hamburgers are known to be the heathiest, but since I don’t eat cow but I do eat chicken I decided to do a post comparing how decadant the various burgers are.  I was really surprised when I checked the calorie information for some of these burgers.  I guess the Japanese get the portion size thing right.  It’s about 2/3 the size of a regular American burger and half the size of the bigger ones.

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Japanese fastfood chain, Mosburger turned out to have the lowest calories for their chicken burger at 299 calories (but it’s a pretty small sized burger).  Some sites like Livestrong list it higher at 380 calories and I guess it depends on the amount of mayo they put on it. And looking at it logically, smaller portion sizes or grilled versions are always better. I just wish they didn’t leave me hungry.

Next comes Wendy’s Chicken Grill at 370 calores

And McDonald’s Chicken Sandwich at 390 calories.  At McDonalds one of the good things is that you can ask for more lettuce and they give you loads of it.  I haven’t tried this at other fastfood places.

For the Teriyaki Chicken Burger, Freshness Burger’s is 416 calories

Mosburger’s version is 428 calories.

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is 460 calories.  The fries which I love are 420 calories.  Makes me want to sob!

The worst culprit and also the tastiest is Carl’s Junior.  It’s Charbroiled Chicken Club which has bacon in it is a whopping 560 calories.  But you know what shocked me even more?  Their incredibly yummy onion rings will set you back just as much at 530 calories.  So watch out for the sides at all fast food places and just stick with the burger, if you crave for fastfood. I won’t even touch the amount of sodium the burgers are loaded with. Darn it. Why do they have to taste so good. The only way to deter me is to scare myself, since I have zero will power and am easily tempted. I recently read in a magazine called Prevention that sodium is highly addictive as much as sugar and can cause diabetes as well.

*All the photos are from the respective Fast Food Official websites.

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3 Responses to Japanese Burgers vs American Burgers

  1. It’s amazing how it adds up so fast, isn’t it?
    It takes 5 weeks of cutting back on sodium (salt) to get used to the “real taste” of food. I tell patients, when adding salt, count the number of “shakes” you would normally put on, then cut it in half for 1 week, then in half again for 1 week etc etc until they aren’t really adding any salt. (This is besides teaching them how to read labels and stay under 2000 mg sodium for the day)
    Mrs Dash is wonderful to replace the taste of salt (comes in many flavors) Do you have Mrs Dash ?

  2. That was great information. I wish we had a Moshburger store (the Japanese one) here in Australia – how amazing that it was that much less than the traditional American burger!! The Japanese diet is so much healthier in many ways and great to know their fast food is too.
    By the way thanks for commenting on my freshly pressed post the other week. It has taken me awhile, but I really wanted to visit everyone’s blog. Glad I visited yours!

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