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Can I Go Back to the Nineties Please?

I must be missing out I think, as I watch people get ecstatic on social media, posting jubilant memes in response to Singapore lifting some covid restrictions. Alcohol consumption will soon be allowed after 10.30 pm and live music. You … Continue reading

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Delayed Gratification

I’m a sucker for immediate gratification. I guess it’s the reason why I pick a greasy burger over a salad even though the salad will make me feel light and energetic an hour after, while the burger would make me … Continue reading

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#11. Wraps

I have abandoned my list of healthy food I like and decided to take it up again. Trying to inspire myself and the folks around me. I like the idea of eating so that I feel better physically. Cleaner foods … Continue reading

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One Bad Ritual I Broke

Am trying to get healthier so that I will have less to worry about as I age. Seeing people around me suffer due to heart attacks and strokes really scares me, and I want them to be healthy as well. … Continue reading

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The Quiet of Sembawang Beach

Headed towards the quiet of Sembawang beach and it felt good to walk around (although there is still renovation going on and lots of barricades up). Trying to get with the usual New Year promise that everyone makes – to … Continue reading

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Talking About the Panic Attacks and My Need for Space

I hope you never ever suffer from a panic attack, but if you do, you might be able to relate to what I wrote recently. Well if you have any phobia that is intense, you might be able to relate … Continue reading

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Singapore Food & Calories (Briyani, Claypot Rice & Wan Tan Mee)

The Health Promotion Board has a very useful tool where you can calculate the nutritional content of various hawker foods found in Singapore. I was surprised by some of my findings. Food that I thought was healthy, turned out to … Continue reading

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