Shake Shack: Chicken Burger & Chicken Bites

Honestly came here because for some reason Gastronomia Da Paolo was full and so were many other places like Burger King, and B said there was a long queue just to enter the Food Court. The school holidays are over so could it be tourists? Or are people more relaxed to dine out now that the number of cases are falling? Or Covid fatigue from being too much of a hermit so it’s time to live life again?

Chicken Shack™
Crispy chicken breast topped with lettuce,
pickles, buttermilk herb mayo

I actually like the chicken burger as it has breast meat which I prefer and the pickles were a nice touch. But if you ask me truly, nothing beats the taste of the McDonald’s McSpicy burger. I also like the MOS chicken burger as it tastes less oily and fresher? It’s the lightest of the 3 burgers because it’s smaller too.

Chicken Bites™
Crispy, whole white meat bites served
with honey mustard or BBQ
10 pieces at S$8.40

Real breast meat so beats any chicken nugget out there but if course more expensive. The BBQ sauce that came with it is tangy and slightly spicy the way I like it.

What I do like about Shake Shake is the high tech device (which dispenses soap and water and a paper towel) where you can wash your hands. The scent is lovely.

I’m glad they now provide chilli sauce as well. Everything tastes a hundred times better with it. Tomato ketchup just won’t do.

I forgot that they do have a dispenser for water (free) and I requested for warm water at the counter instead. Don’t know why the young girl serving me seemed so annoyed (I felt like Oliver Twist with the response I got) I did get the warm water in the end, but I would have rather she just have said no. Can’t they just be polite to the relatively elderly?

Oops just spotted the free water

What a deep contrast to many of the wait staff at Gastronomia Da Paolo who are so polite and friendly. I truly appreciate the kindness and patience there. They all deserve higher wages for sure. There you can either order at the counter or by scanning a QR code through your phone. But prices are similar so that’s why I think Shake Shack is expensive for a fast food place.

I was also a bit confused using their order machine for the first time and struggled scanning the QR code of a number tag you need to take (too high tech for Gen X I’m embarrassed to say). McDonald’s is way better, because with a number tag ( just enter the number no need to scan although now I realise the scanning was easy and I just didn’t read the instructions properly with my poor eyesight) you actually get table service if you wish.

As you can tell my food review are more about how the experience felt like as a whole. Dining is very much part of our happiness so we don’t want to waste it on bad food and service. All highly subjective of course which is why you need to always read a few. One of my faves is The Travelling Hungryboy and I’m so glad he’s kept it going for years. It’s truly honest, short and sweet posts, with zero ads. He must be paid well in his job though, to not need any extra income, was my first thought.

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