Sorry, My Blog was Attacked: I’m Still Here

Well actually all WordPress Blogs were cyber attacked this week. Singapore WordPress is still having a problems and I can’t log in to my site or view any other WordPress sites. I am so happy I can finally view my dashboard. Hope this functionality lasts. Missed reading all your blogs.

And it’s down again…… And now it’s up again…….will keep you posted on Singapore Actually and Twitter. See you there.

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Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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6 Responses to Sorry, My Blog was Attacked: I’m Still Here

  1. kirsten says:

    Strangely enough, my blog was working and I didn’t actually realise anything was amiss!

    • bookjunkie says:

      I couldn’t read yours and now I hear it’s some issue between Starhub and WordPress. People on Singtel didn’t have the same problem. Today it was a case of sometimes being able to log in and sometimes not being able to. Hope tomorrow’s better. Miss reading your posts.

  2. whatsaysyou says:

    Being cyber-attacked is awful and I hope the problem will be resolved soon. Looking forward to reading your future blog articles once the problem is sorted out.

  3. Lady J says:

    Hope you are getting full access to WordPress now 😉

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