Blogging: Are There Any Personal Bloggers Out There Any More?

Seems really hard to find you. Most blogs seem to have a commercial slant or look truly slick and perfect, like a glossy magazine. I’m looking for something a little less polished and more raw. Something that contains not just tips, but your meandering thoughts, your heartfelt values, your failures, your traumas and what inspires you.

There were so many genuine blogs out there, but they tend to stop once they break up for instance or go through some trauma publicly. But that’s what draws me to you, your bravery in being so vulnerable.

As opposed to back in 2012, I don’t have a true picture of who the blogger is these days and I miss that. The focus is more on the product or place being reviewed.

It’s what I hope to do here as well. Be indulgent. Write for myself and to clarify my thoughts and in doing so connect with like minded souls out there.

I’m trying very hard not to think about the commercial element when I write as that just spoils everything. I’ve been slanting towards that as well and I needed to stop and remind myself of what made me start this online journal in the first place.

The most fun thing about journaling is to look back at who I was years ago and how my perspectives may have changed over the years. The journeys I have taken that I took for granted then, but have great value to me now. Especially pre covid and pre cancer. Some beautiful memories.

What I enjoy the most is connecting with other bloggers in the comments. If you have a personal diary blog to recommend please do. Even better if it’s your own.

Before I go I have to recommend (a niche personal blog on bullying) that I found through the WordPress reader, that resonated with me as I was bullied the final part of my Singapore office life which made me hit rock bottom. I honestly think it was the last straw that made me get cancer (my cancer was discovered at stage 3 so it must have taken a few years.) Thank you to Cherie for illuminating exactly what a bully does and how they get away with it. Do visit her blog Chateau Cherie, if you’re the target of a bully as well. It made me feel a bit better and I hope it will do the same for you.

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Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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  1. Janet says:

    Personal, raw, gritty, imperfect blogs are truly the best ones. That’s why I like yours so much! Hope you keep writing, you really have a gift there. Sending big hugs, J xx

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