Facebook Co-Founder likes Singapore

{via The Straits Times}

I just wonder how exactly the arrival of talents like Eduardo Saverin translates into jobs for citizens. Would be great if someone did a detailed study. Maybe then Singaporeans might be more convinced when the government tells us that their immigration rules actually creates more jobs for us. I am not against talent. I just wish that citizens would be protected more, as they are in other countries, so that we feel that our country really wants us here and we still have a role to play.

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4 Responses to Facebook Co-Founder likes Singapore

  1. Al says:

    Al “liked” this post 😀
    I also hope he invests in Singapore and creates more jobs for all 😀

  2. Jane says:

    Actually he has funded a quite a few Sg start-ups. If you google, you’d know.

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