Most Job Ads Make Things Sound More Difficult than they are

Social media jobs always ask for knowledge of CapCut or knowledge of CMS.

I felt very intimidated. Thought these must be something only Gen Z will know. I’m way too old to ever learn these.

Turns out CapCut is just a video editing app (that goes well with Tiktok) and it’s great. Also, things get easier the more you try them out. And this is in demand as Tiktok is currently the most powerful tool out there for reaching a large audience. Even our politicians are scrambling to get on it to get the youth vote.

CMS is short for Content Management System. I was thinking what the heck is CMS. Sounds like something complicated. Turns out that this very platform that I’m using to create my blog is a CMS. Felt happy to know I have years of knowhow with WordPress, and most likely if you’re a blogger, so do you.

Just had to write this post to dispel the myth. Don’t know why job ads always have to make things sound more complicated than they are, with all that annoying jargon and of course acronyms like CMS.

I find the most rewarding thing is to just keep learning and some of the best creators on Tiktok include those from Gen X, the Boomers, and the Silent generation. That is the mid fourties onwards.

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2 Responses to Most Job Ads Make Things Sound More Difficult than they are

  1. Janet Hill says:

    So thankful for your explanations, I had no idea was CMS was!

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