Elections 2011: Potentially 208 Contesting including the Lovely Nicole Rebecca Seah

I hope I’m not boring you on this blog. I think till May 7th at least I will be consumed by the Elections as it only comes once in 5 years. The news is also filled with mainly Election related stories and I think the whole of Singapore is riveted this year. Definitely exciting times and a great time to be in the country to witness this. Walkovers are just so darn boring.

Out of all of the candidates that have emerged on the scene lately, Nicole Seah is such a breath of fresh air. I wish I had an once of her maturity and intelligence when I was her age. What impresses me the most – her compassion. I feel the same way about Vincent Wijeysingha. Admire their energy and vibrancy and the fact that they care about the people.



It’s refreshing to hear about how they are going to be the voice of the people.

I have totally turned off by all the mudslinging. And that’s what I loathe about politics. It should be all about the policies and attacks should not get personal.

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