Creepy Older Men: 51 year old actor marries 16 year old

I’m sure you’ve heard of Doug Hutchinson & Courtney Stodden by now. The 51 year old actor who married the 16 year old with her parent’s blessing. Loved Anderson Cooper’s take.


More interviews where, he looks much younger and she looks much older, but it’s still creepy when you know their biological ages. This teen looks like she’s play acting and trying very very hard to be provocative.



Maybe these 2 are just play acting to cash in on the reality show fame. They are more fascinating than the Kardashians so I won’t be surprised to see their reality show comes along soon.

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4 Responses to Creepy Older Men: 51 year old actor marries 16 year old

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Man it’s creepy alright. That kid should be enjoying a normal life like other girls, not getting married and growing up too fast too soon.

  2. somysterious says:

    That is crazy. I read about it for the first time yesterday.
    She sure doesn’t look 16, and only god knows what Doug was thinking when he married her. If that was my daughter i would sure as hell not give them my blessing. Ick!

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