Impressed by the Netflix show Brainchild

The tween nieces introduced me to this spectacular educational tv show for kids. It’s edutainment. I was most impressed that the host of the show is of Indian ethnicity. Yay a brown girl and so far from a stereotype.

She’s a 25 year old Texan named Sahana Srinivasan. An Indian girl just like us and she has perfect comic timing and enunciation.

I googled and found that the singer Pharell is behind the concept as he wanted to see diversity in educational tv. I think it’s brilliant.

Also today I found out what STEM stands for. It’s what the show is trying to deliver. On a basic level it is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It deals with problem solving and creativity. It’s a philosophy of education that resembles real life.

In my opinion STEAM is even better as it’s incorporates the Arts. To be both creative and analytical.

Education is advancing at an exponential rate. Much of what my nieces do in upper primary school, I only learnt in secondary school. It’s crazy. Everything is going at warp speed.

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