If only we had Anderson Cooper hosting Singapore TV Shows

I wouldn’t have stopped watching Singapore TV, if the presenters were as adorable as Anderson Cooper.  It would be awesome as well if he just read the news.  In this segment he loses it to uncontrollable giggles, but he is still able to poke fun at himself.


And I have always been team Jon, so I love that Anderson Cooper mocked Kate Gosselin after her recent dramatics, whom I always found to be mean and a bully.  Kate reminds me of every awful boss or co-worker I’ve ever had, who always think they are right and that everyone else is an idiot. I think most women in Singapore have watched Jon & Kate plus 8 so they will know what I’m talking about.  I just feel so sorry for the kids and it’s good for them that the Kate plus 8 show has been cancelled.


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