Harper Seven is very Cute but would be Safer, Pushed in a Pram I think

Being the kaypoh Singaporean that I am, I love celeb news. And for someone like myself who is a total clutz in heels, I can’t imagine how those killer heels Victoria Beckham is wearing can be safe. She has said she can’t be apart from her baby, but a pram will mean baby is by her side too. Does anyone out there, who wears heels confidently, think there’s nothing wrong with this picture? Again I think Harper is a real cutie. She’s starting to look more like her dad David I think, but I am happy that they were finally blessed with their beautiful little girl.

{more photos of adorable Harper at The Daily Mail}

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4 Responses to Harper Seven is very Cute but would be Safer, Pushed in a Pram I think

  1. Lady J says:

    Now those heels, I definitely won’t be able to walk in them.. much less carry a baby and still look fashionable. Having said that, I have a friend who owns a similar pair of those heels and she said it’s really comfy. I’m still skeptical!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Reports says Victoria Beckham has a slipped disc and I think heels are probably making it worse. She looks amazing, but you can’t help worrying about the baby in her arms.

  2. Crystal says:

    I couldn’t do it, for certain.

    However, if you wear heels as consistently as VB does, there is a tendon in your foot that actually shortens, making it next to impossible (and EXTREMELY painful) to wear flats. It’s that stretchy pain you feel if you wear heels for a whole evening when you step out of your shoes. But if you wear them all day every day, you eventually almost can’t just do it.

    My best friend’s mum was like that…even her slippers had high heels.

    Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to walk a mile (or a block) in those shoes.

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