I Like Charlie Sheen – Takes a Big Man to Admit he was Wrong

Like Jay Leno points out, at least Charlie Sheen is no hypocrite. In a world with so many fake people, at least here we have a guy who can admit when he’s wrong and can even laugh at his mistakes. Charlie even says he would have fired himself.


Well at least he gave us “winning”. That was a good one and there’s no denying he’s a naturally witty guy. I always tend to root for the underdog.

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2 Responses to I Like Charlie Sheen – Takes a Big Man to Admit he was Wrong

  1. Anne says:

    i like charlie sheen, too! i can not imagine two and half men without him and how ashton can take over his spot. i like his quick wit too and how he threw some to jay leno, i mean this is jay leno! such a sport 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      I must admit I did not watch much of the show, but from the few episodes I watched I can say that the show would be dismal without him. His wit is so sharp reflecting a very intelligent mind behind it. Pity he was taken down by his addiction issues.

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