Little Eliana Narvaez of Reality Changers Always Makes me Smile

I have featured a video of her 6 year old sister Alexa, singing with dad, but Eliana Narvaez very often steals the show. She is just so darn cute and smart for a 2 year old. A little lawyer in the making. And those ‘chunky monkey’ (her dad’s nickname for her) cheeks. Who could resist this little cutie pie?


If you’re having a bad day and just want to smile for a while, check out Reality Changers. Just a young single dad who is incredibly patient with his two girls. I was shocked that he’s only 25 years old because he is very mature and responsible. I like that Jorge Narvaez emphasizes Family, Art and Community. I like that he places importance on values. It’s also clear to tell that he doesn’t force his daughter to sing perfectly and he wants her to just have fun and that translates in the videos which have up to 14 million hits.

She often goofs around in the home videos and that’s what makes them so appealing – the kid is obviously having fun and not trained to be perfect, like the unhealthy obsession of parents on TV reality shows like Toddlers and Tiaras. Somehow I much prefer Vlogs as parents maintain that control and it’s more a reflection of reality than often scripted and edited reality TV. I find that Vlogs and YouTube will soon take over TV. For me at least.

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