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Feel So Happy Meeting with Two of My Cousins After Almost 4 Years

I have social anxiety, but I don’t feel it with people I’m comfortable with like my cousins. I practically saw them grow up, being the much older cousin. They were the cutest toddlers. It’s true what they say about cousins … Continue reading

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Conversations About The Second World War

We mentioned to my almost 86 year old uncle that we recently visited the National Museum. There was an exhibit about the Second World War and Japanese Occupation of Singapore. It made him recollect: “When we heard the sirens we … Continue reading

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Catching the Sunrise

I am so glad we can now walk outside without our masks. It feels so liberating to be able to take a slow walk and breathe in the fresh morning air. Oh and a glimpse of that orange blue skyline … Continue reading

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Seeking Blogs Worth Reading in 2022: Whimsical, Genuine, Uncluttered & Well Crafted

It’s really hard to maintain a blog over the years. Several I have adored have left the scene and sadly been abandoned. They had so much potential too. So here I am seeking some new ones. As I have been … Continue reading

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Dreams for My Blog

If I won the lottery tomorrow (won’t happen because I don’t even buy those things), I’d still want to continue writing and that includes blogging. I would then feel rich enough to pay a web developer for a redesign, but … Continue reading

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Culture Shock #1: Why is Living with Your Parents Stigmatized

As a kid in Asia I never could understand why in most Christmas movies, the kid who lives apart from their parents, often in a different State, dreads their visit. Why don’t they love their parents? It confused me on … Continue reading

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Looking Back

Grateful for every single visit I got in the hospital and at home since I was diagnosed this January. Each of those visits made the journey so much more bearable and even brought so many moments of joy. Feel so … Continue reading

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The thing that makee me the happiest is family harmony and love. Nothing beats warm hugs from loved ones. I think most of my family have no idea how much I love them. I don’t really express it, but I … Continue reading

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Great Week

Been having a great week. I think it’s because my double operation wounds (hysterectomy followed by laparoscopic surgery) are healing. Previously I had to start chemo before the wounds had completely healed so was in a lot of pain and … Continue reading

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Best Day in Months

Visited my Aunt, Uncle and nieces today and felt so much joy and love it was indescribable. I was on cloud nine. Energized me so much that chemo fatigue was truly non existent. The innocence, pure love and exuberance of … Continue reading

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