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The Outfield – Your Love

I’m crazy about this song right now  – Your Love by The Outfield. And reminds me how I  loved the 80’s. A good time to be a teen. The era of the big hair, areobics and ridiculous shoulder pads. So … Continue reading

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The Little Things in Life & Happiness

I find that when I write I tend to appreciate the little things in life more. When you don’t record things down they tend to get lost and you don’t appreciate them as fully. Well for me at least. I … Continue reading

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4 Things: Finding Happiness in the Supposedly Mundane

I was thinking about happiness and how I could find it without spending any money or leaving my house. 1. Well one thing I know for sure that would make me happy is if I successfully organize all my stuff … Continue reading

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National Night

A witty satirical music video by Mentos which makes fun of our government’s anxiety that Singaporeans are not producing enough babies. To me it also might be poking fun at sexist rap videos (I take it that way or some … Continue reading

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Moonrise Kingdom

Another wonderful movie I would recommend. Again, I greatly appreciate the loving attention to detail. Set in 1965, the musical score (Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra) brought back memories. I think this must have been played both … Continue reading

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Gardens by the Bay: Cosy Nooks with Nice Views

Before we got the tickets for the Domes, we walked around and we were impressed by the cool benches. Those I admit were beautiful. Shaped like crocodiles or just slabs of wood. I was real happy to find that I … Continue reading

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Jason Mraz in Singapore

Jason Mraz gives such a heartfelt interview. The best I’ve seen in a long time. [youtube]MQQLBw_Rp0o&feature=g-u-u[/youtube] He came across to me as zen, laid back, thoughtful and intelligent. I always thought he was a lot younger, but he just turned … Continue reading

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