Simi: Ah Beng version of iPhone 4S’ Siri

The mrbrown show is cracking me up again. I think mrbrown is Singapore’s comic genious. You just have to listen to the Ah Beng, Singlish version of Apple iPhone 4S’s Siri which he has called Simi. What a hoot if this was an actual application.

On another note I would love to have a phone where I can dictate a story and it’ll be translated into text. Wonder if Siri can do that. I make so many typos, because it’s painful looking at the computer screen for hours.

This is the actual Siri in the latest Apple ad. Some say creepy, but I think it’s pretty cool, especially for the visually impaired. But I really wonder how Siri is going to recognize our Singlish accents.


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2 Responses to Simi: Ah Beng version of iPhone 4S’ Siri

  1. carrot says:

    cool, i dint know what’s siri until now… and now i really like siri!

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