Valentine’s Day in Singapore

It’s a very commercialized holiday in Singapore. Every store is having some sort of sale. Like this new Candy store at Ngee Ann City. Everything is just more expensive today, especially flowers.

photo by bookjunkie

I thought the Jelly Bean mascot was cute.

photo by bookjunkie

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4 Responses to Valentine’s Day in Singapore

  1. Crystal says:

    Is it relatively new to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Singapore? Ellie’s class really didn’t do anything, and she was the only child who took in valentines. Her teachers loved the My 1rst Valentine’s Day bib Rhi was sporting and the dresses the girls were in, but they also seemed to convey that this wasn’t a common thing.

    • bookjunkie says:

      yeah we don’t have it in schools here apart from secondary school and junior college where the kids celebrate it themselves. usually love struck ones who have a crush on someone 😉

      • Crystal says:

        In the US it’s a bit more the inverse. Little kids have class parties and you give a Valentine to everyone in your class. Stores like Target sell themed valentines (so you can buy princess valentines or transformers valentines, or whatever you’re/your child is into that year). By the time you get to middle school (year 6) it’s a much smaller deal–maybe something for a close friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend, maybe a school dance, but overall, not the big deal it is for kids (or dating older couples).

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