Snakes, Durian & Lanterns in Chinatown

Was exciting to spot the huge snake that has just been put up as part of the Chinese New Year Street decorations. Also the lanterns were lit tonight. It was much nicer to walk around in the cool of the night, especially after the rain, compared to the sweltering midday heat. There was still this attempt to make the snake character as cute as possible. I liked the green one as it reminded me of the jungle book.

chinatowncnynight2013 - 54404

chinatowncnynight2013 - 54405

chinatowncnynight2013 - 54406

chinatowncnynight2013 - 54408

chinatowncnynight2013 - 54409

chinatowncnynight2013 - 54410

chinatowncnynight2013 - 54411

chinatowncnynight2013 - 54412

chinatowncnynight2013 - 54413

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