Snake Charmers

Was at Little India in Singapore recently and B pointed out some informational posters to me. One of them brought back memories about snake charmers. B had never seen them as a kid, but I recall seeing them quite often.

It wasn’t scary in the least. I even believed that the snake charmers mesmerised the snakes with their flute music. The whole thing seemed so elegant as the snake emerged from the basket. Usually a cobra I believe and in Hindu culture Cobras have a special significance representing eternity.

As a kid I know nothing about animal cruelty and this was the 70’s, a time of not much awareness compared to now. For me it’s quite an extreme change and I welcome the learning and evolving although cancel culture seems toxic.

The thing I welcome the most is better protections in place for children. Back in the charming 70’s lurked extreme child abuse that would be utterly shocking now. No one batted an eyelid then.

The snakes were handled gently though, in the recollection of five year old me. And they did move with the movement of the flute. Almost like a genie emerging from a bottle.

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