Arguing About Which Coffee Joint makes the Best Latte

B was insisting that Jewel makes the best coffee but I was saying that I preferred what I had at Forty Hands. But I had the iced latte at the latter, so it wasn’t a totally fair comparison. We returned to Forty Hands and I was disappointed to find that the coffee was not as good as the first time I had it. Darn it. Didn’t want to let B win this one especially since he’s not the coffee drinker (although he knows a lot more about Food in general).

But ok I admit, there was a tinge of bitterness to the beautiful latte. It was almost ‘heaty’ (the best word I can think of – ripped it off B). Service was good though and we were so happy to be led to a seat in the very popular crowded cafe.

I wish there could be a coffee with the smoothness of the Jewel coffee and the strength of the one at Forty Hands. The latte at Jewel was still too milky for me while the one at Forty Hands had the espresso to milk ratio that I liked. I believe Jewel uses beans with lower acidity. That could be a factor. I have to add that I’m no expert on these matters and can just relate how my finicky taste-buds reacted that day. Would love to hear from you, dear readers. Where have you had great latte? And do you prefer it strong or milky?

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This makes me want to turn to other reviews to see what they think:

Blogger at Food, Wine and Travel also commented that the coffee is great but can be acidic at times.

The Roving Epicure found the Forty Hands coffee good but didn’t like the tight seating.

Oral Pleasure found the cappucino at Jewel bitter.

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3 Responses to Arguing About Which Coffee Joint makes the Best Latte

  1. ceadsearc says:

    40 hands is wildly inconsistent – some days very good some days very bad. Jewel is usually quite consistent and if you don’t want that much milk, just tell them to fill it 3/4 – they’re very willing to oblige. On some days you get a very good cup depending on which bean they have in the hopper (it’s all single origin). For other good lattes, you could try stranger’s reunion (one outlet at kampong bahru road, the other at clifford centre), nylon coffee roasters (at everton park), toby’s estate (robertson quay), smitten coffee (robertson quay quayside), and liberty coffee (rangoon road) – which supplies beans to artistry and other joints.

    happy tasting.

  2. You can taste both Jewel and Liberty side by side next month when they open up their second place right next to us!

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